My Sunday Best: Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and happy new year! Christmas and family have taken precedence over blogging lately, and “blogging more” isn’t top of my new year’s resolutions list, but I’ll still pop on from time to time. We had a nice, quiet Christmas at home, and my teacher husband was off for practically three weeks, because of snow days just after new years.

We snuggles, played with new toys, watched Christmas movies, and spent a few days not doing much (I recovered from a nasty bout of flu) at my parent’s house.

The big bummer to the new year was saying goodbye to our cat on January 2. He had a fast growing lymph cancer and we had to put him down. He was only nine, and had been with us from the beginning of our marriage, so it was very hard.

Staying home and limiting Christmas activities to Church liturgies (while avoiding loud and busy kid’s activities) really helped us have a peaceful Christmas. We also limited toys significantly this year, and next year I think we’ll do even less, considering how much they get from relatives.

A special memory this year was singing carols while my husband played the piano, a tradition I hope we continue. Christmas eve brunch with grandparents was also a big success!

Sorry about the Christmas recap. Here’s my Sunday best; a very old standby! Its been very cold here in Virginia, but luckily it was warm in church because this outfit isn’t meant for 22 degree weather! We’ve been inside a lot, but getting some house projects done, including bathroom fixes and painting. Today, we started looking at dining room paint colors. How can their be so many shades!?!

We’re celebrating Christmas until Presentation, which is also a good excuse for still having decorations up! Glad to be back with Rosie’s link up in the new year!