1st week at Immaculate Academia

What we learned:  Starting slow with Grace, doing “Button Time” (our circle time rug has buttons on it!) with prayers, calendar and read aloud, then something fun!  This week we worked on some Kiwi Crate projects (click here for $10 off a first time crate); learning about rainbows and the human body.  Seriously, these science crates are awesome for a non-craft-mom like me, with everything included and lots of cool information.   We went over letter sounds and Grace practiced writing lower case letters (she know all her upper case already).  I also realized there was pre-math lessons, so we went over those.  Happy to find that Grace has learned so much in the last year, with very little intentional effort on my part.  I am very glad I chose to wait an extra year to start kindergarten, instead of pushing her last year and greatly frustrating both of us.  We are starting Bible history with the Creation story and learning about the Trinity.  Theresa listens, plays and sometimes participates, and I am going over a letter a week with her.

What we read:  Too Many Pumpkins (very sweet fall story), Counting Crocodiles, Chesapeake Rainbow (beautiful book with local “color”), Earl the Squirrel, Planting a Rainbow (inspiration for a flower garden next year!), A Kiss Goodbye (good moving story), Flora and the Penguin (Grace is appreciating the Flora books more this year), Flora’s Very Windy Day (all about loving your sibling). 

What we practiced: Letter recognition and sounds; shapes with Gracie and colors with Theresa.  Practiced days of the week and months of the year.

What we made:  Tie-dyed rainbow bag for Theresa, human body poster and “sewed” organs with Gracie, and worked on silk floral arrangements one afternoon.

Where we went:  Checked out the public library, which had a great, gated playroom.  We also went to Braehead Farm with friends.  There was a huge play area, lots of dirt piles, and chickens, alpacas, goats and rabbits.  Girls loved it.

How we celebrated liturgical feasts: Went to Mass for the Exultation of the Cross.

Fun at other activities:  Second week of co-op.  Theresa apparently was doing much better at the times I wasn’t in her class.  No longer clinging to the other teachers, but getting very involved.  Grace was quiet this week, as she had crashed into Theresa the night before and bit her lip, which was very swollen.  Cecilia was crabby, and ended up with me most of the time, including falling asleep in science class!

Mom’s favorite things:  Getting to the library and getting new books, finding time to read aloud.

Grace’s favorite thing:  Calendar time, drawing, read aloud.

Theresa’s favorite thing: Maracas we got as gifts.

Looking forward to next week:  Not exactly looking forward to it, but we’ll be heading up to the cemetery in Philadelphia on the 19th, to remember the birthday of our eldest daughter in Heaven.  Also hope to do some leaf identification as we celebrate the first day of autumn.

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