{JEI} Pets….or do chickens count?

Luckily no one has probably noticed, but my #write31days lasted, um, six days? Maybe? 

But moving on, I am here for the Thusday JEI linkup. (Although it is Saturday, but still in the same week, right?) And we’re talking about pets. 

1. Did you have a favourite pet when you were younger?

When I was a kid, we had rabbits and chickens; for food. One of the breeding rabbits was mine and I named her Nosy. I did love playing with the baby rabbits, but I wouldn’t say any of them were a favorite pet. 

First egg from our chickens.

2. Do you have pets now? If so, what?

Now, I have chickens again, for the eggs, and two cats. I always wanted a cat, and we got one about three months after we were married. But he doesn’t seem to like kids. After our second daughter started chasing him, he started doing his business on the floor from time to time. But after our third daughter was born this spring, he totally stopped using the litter box and started peeing on the kids toys. Soooo, he got chucked outside with our other, always outdoor cat. He seems much happier outside, and I’m definitely happier! 

And did I mention, his name is Mr. Chesterton? 

When he still lived inside. doesnt look too happy aboit the girls!

3. Have your kids eaten dog or cat food (either at your house or someone else’s)?

Oh yeah! It has always been hard to find a place for the cat food that wasn’t kid accessible, and they always eat it. But it was the dumping the cat’s water bowl on themselves that I always found more annoying. 


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