Gathering My Thoughts as October 2015 Begins {Throwback Thursday}

Outside my window:  Wet, cold, cloudy.  It’s been cloudy for the better part of two weeks (though the sun shined on the Pope when he was close by in D.C.!), and it’s been raining for six days straight.  I hope the sun comes out tomorrow, as I’m so tired of the dreariness.

  Listening to: Children’s toys playing little jingles, the dryer going (so my husband can have clean clothes for work tomorrow), daughter asking for ice-cream (although it’s about 60 degrees) and Bobby grading Latin tests.

Clothing myself in:  Yoga pants, college sweatshirt, warm slippers.  I’m not particularly happy about the cold weather arriving, but I do like my cozy clothes.   

Talking with my children about these books: The last time we went to the library we got out some books on autumn.   We’ve read Winter is Coming and It’s Fall!  Ironically, the leaves haven’t even started to change, but we’re talking about fall and Grace is looking forward to the snow. 

 In my own reading: Sadly, I haven’t read anything for quite awhile, except to try and squeeze in the daily readings and Blessed Is She meditation.  Oh, and do blog posts count?

Thinking and thinking: About being a better wife.  I feel like a read so much and seek so much encouragement for mothering, but don’t spend nearly enough time working on my primary vocation as a wife.

Pondering:  “Nothing great ever comes about without great desires.”

Carefully cultivating rhythm: Always working on this.  Right now, a consistent dinner, evening and bedtime routine has been my main focus. 

 Creating by hand: There doesn’t seem to be any time these days for myself.  Dishes, laundry, cleaning, and then reading, playing, crafting, going out with the girls fills up the day.  Maybe some things will be done for Christmas.  We’ll see.

Learning lessons in: Being little, entrusting myself to Mother Mary for the smallest needs of my day, because I just can’t do anything on my own.  Finding a balance of rest, work, prayer and time with the girls, and my husband.

Encouraging learning in: Crafts and working on writing letters.  Grace has begun to show a lot of interest in “craps” (crafts!) and will paint/glue/tape quite happily be herself.  We’ve been enjoying our once a week pre-school co-op, working through Catholic Icing, and I’ve been working on writing letters with her.  So exciting that she has begun to write!!

  Keeping house: It’s been hard.  I need to figure out some way to consistently keep the house straightened out, instead of needing to do major cleaning every week or two.  Just so discouraged by how big the house is, and how quickly every room because covered with toys on the floor.  Not sure how to contain them…

Crafting in the kitchen: Happily, I have been baking again, and enjoying autumn bounty.  We went apple picking last weekend, so there was apple pie.  I also made these yummy Pumpkin Pecan Scones and applesauce and more scones on in the future.  Time to start baking my own bread again, too.  

 To be fit and happy: So looking forward to getting back outside, after all this rain.  I’ve also really noticed lately how quiet, peaceful and beautiful it is to be at church for Mass.  Even with the kids, being at my beloved college chapel has lately been very calming to my soul.  I feel the need to prioritize daily Mass twice a week again, especially since 4:45 Mass is back, which is great when I miss 8:30 and 11:30.  Prayer with little kids around, especially ones who rarely nap simultaneously, isn’t easy.  But just being at church is so good for me, and probably them too. 

Giving thanks: For a snug house and warm clothes, and no flooding in the basement, despite all the rain.  Praying for the people down South who are dealing with such terrible flooding. 

 Loving the moments: Last weekend we attended our favorite Rappahannock Farm Tour, when farms and such all around Rappahannock county are open to the public.  This was our third year, and we revisited some old favorites, and checked out a few new places.  Some of the best moments were Grace’s first ride on a horse, Theresa playing in the apple orchard, taking fruit in and out of the baskets, the miniature donkeys and horses (so much cuteness!), and Grace feeding a goat.  We also saw miniature goats, including one that followed people around like a dog, nudging them to be pet, as well as two fluffy puppies who loved Theresa and kept licking and playing with her.  And to finish off the day, dinner at our favorite Griffin Tavern. 

 Living the liturgy: Mass, pizza for dinner, and reading about St. Therese accompanied her feast day.  And saying at least a decade of the Rosary every day as a family is my goal for October, and maybe it will establish a habit. 

 Planning for the week ahead: Hoping, hoping, the clouds will clear and the grass will dry out, and we can get outside!  Kids and mom are going crazy here!  Also, plans to visit friends, to get out of the house, and maybe something special for Our Lady of the Rosary.

2 thoughts on “Gathering My Thoughts as October 2015 Begins {Throwback Thursday}

  1. Send some of that rain this way! πŸ˜‰ Praying you’ll get sunshine soon. It is hard being cooped up for too long inside. Just one day because of illness here and they are going stir crazy.

    So glad you liked the pumpkin scone recipe! πŸ™‚

  2. I think I saw on your Instagram that the rain finally stopped? I hope so! We had a wet several days here too; it’s so rough to be cooped up with the kids! And about encouragement for your marriage, do you ever read Hallie Lord’s writings? She writes so beautifully and humbly about marriage. I follow her on facebook too and her status posts are uplifting as well. πŸ™‚

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