31 Days of Travel {2}: Virginia Beach

I have vacationed in Virginia Beach since I was about six years old. But now, it’s the one beach we have most frequently been to with our girls, owing to very hospitable friends who have a beach house in Sandbridge. 

When I was younger, the book meant books, body surfing and building sand castles. Now, it means watching little girls play in the sand, endlessly running back and forth in the surf, and rare moments in the waves. Reading only happens if the kids nap. 

This summer, Sandbridge was the first beach we brought Cecilia to. She mostly slept. 

Another fun activity these days is exploring the channel behind our friends house, in their boat. This channel makes the area a sort of barrier island, and doesn’t flow into the ocean until North Carolina. Of course, we don’t go very far, but we all enjoy the boat rides!

We’re hoping to get to the beach one more time this fall. It won’t be hot, but the waves will still be soothing in their murmur and the breezes blowing fresh and salty. If ever I could live by the sea, this is where I’d choose. 

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