{7QT} Fuzzy pjs, little toes and baby bundles. 

I laughed at Kelly’s 7QT for surviving life with small humans, and thought I’d quickly write up seven funny, weird, and cute things about my little darlings.

Here they are in all their cuteness.

1) My oldest loves fuzzy fleece pajamas. She is thrilled it’s finally cold enough to wear them (during the day; she gets too sweaty wearing them at night). Good thing they make these for five year olds.

2) My two year old, on the other hand, abhors clothes of any kind. Not long after breakfast she will wander into the room where I’m nursing the baby and she’ll be naked. Now that’s it’s getting chilly, she wraps herself in a sheet to keep warm. When I asks if she wants to get dressed, the answer is always no.

3) The baby has mastered crawling in less than a week. No half hearted belly flops for this one–she has a great form already and can go get that peice of paper to chew on the other side of the room.

4) Speaking of crawling, the baby is teaching me more humility by showing how dirty the floor is. She’s like a human mop. I pick her up and she’s covered in crumbs and dust. Maybe those dust suits for babies aren’t a bad idea.

Note: this is an Amazon picture. my baby is much cuter.

5) Why do kids like chewing on their toes? Is this a universal phenomenon? Those wiggly things at the end of their feet seem to just say “eat me”! And then they nibble on their siblings too! It’s like the way cats sniff each others butts. I’m so glad these are things adult humans are not compelled  to do.

6) Here’s an important mom lesson: only bring home library books you would also want to keep, in case your two year old scribbles all over them and you have to pay $22 to the library.  Yes, that was the price of my honesty in telling them my daughter had done this.  At least I got to keep the book.

7) Every morning, all three girls end up in my bed.  Most mornings, they will snuggle for a little while before insisting on breakfast, giving Mom time to arise from her slumber.  Especially on mornings when I am NOT awakened by a diaper in the face and the announcement, “I didn’t pee in my diap-or!”, I love snuggling with my sweet girls, and seeing their cute faces.

One thought on “{7QT} Fuzzy pjs, little toes and baby bundles. 

  1. I love the baby mop. My #5 baby had a fun way of getting around; he would lay on his back and use his feet to propel himself around on the floor. People told me all the time I should sew a Swiffer on the back of his shirts and take advantage of it. Having a baby is very humbling, because there is that age about 10 months or so when they can find tiny pieces of lint or crumbs in your carpet and try to eat them, even if you just vacuumed. It’s exhausting.

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