{JEI} Angels…or my special name patrons 

Blessings on the Feast of the Archangels! And let’s not forget our special Guardian Angels, whose memorial is bumped this year by Sunday. You can check out the weekly Zelie Group angel posts at Sweeping Up Joy.  There is also a hilarious post about St. Michael, patron of fabulous leggings here. (Seriously, go read it then pull out your craziest leggings!) 

I have always had a special devotion to Angels because of my name. So without further eloquence, a few questions on the pure-spirit beings with whom we will praise God for all eternity.

1. Naming your Guardian Angel: yea or nay?

Nay. Check out Alicia’s post for the catechism explanation. Basically, it’s not recommended by Church tradition. Particularly because naming implies authority over someone, and we have no authority over our angels. 

2. Have you had any angel experiences? 

Yes.  When I was a kid, we prayed outside the abortion facility on Saturdays. Once, a man was cursing and heckling the priest who regularly prayed there. Then, this other man and a boy walked up. They were dressed like “bikers” and looked a bit rough. We thought they had come to heckle too. Instead, they quietly spoke to the offensive man, who appeared terrified of them, and immediately left. Then, these two people walked off and wee quickly gone too. No one had ever seen them before or since, and people had prayed at this spot for many years. The priest declared they were angels, and so I’ve always considered it my angel encounter. 
3. How have you shared about angels with your kids?

We say the Angel of God prayer every night, and talked about them at the beginning of the year with the letter A. 

And recently, when my daughter said she wanted to be an angel, I needed to explain that that is ontologically impossible, as humans cannot change their natures. 

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