Just Enough Info….or Three Short Questions I Have Time to Answer

It’s been months since I posted, mostly because I’ve been working long hours all summer and when I wasn’t working I was trying to spend time outside with my family. Tonight, one of my favorite bloggers (I love you,Mary Big Hair!) posted a link up that sounded fun, so here goes!

This bundle of cuteness may also be keeping me busy!

1~ What is your best school memory from your childhood?

I was homeschooled, and my Dad would organize these trips for our homeschool group, to NYC, Boston and Mystic SeaPort. They were so awesome because my friends would come too! (Hey, homeschooling! Any family trip can count as “school” but going with friends in a big coach is super special!) Anyway, my favorite trip was probably whale watching out of Boston Harbour. There was a hurricane, but they didn’t cancel and we still saw whales! AND got really cold and wet. Good times. 

2~ Do you have any back to school family traditions?

Actually, starting school on September 8, the birthday of Our Lady has been a tradition for me. Since we did that growing up I’m keeping it up now that my oldest has started school. Also, we go to Mass that day. 

Last year. Haven’t started yet this year!

3~ Markers or Colored pencils?

Personally, I prefer colored pencils. My kids like markers. So sometimes I let them have the markers because they won’t color with crayons. Except at the library. I was amazed how well they colored with crayons at the library today. Anyway, the point is to keep them busy for, you know, a few minutes. As long as it’s not finger paint. So. Not. Worth it. 

Grace’s face says it all.

So that’s it! Check out the link up at Sweeping Up Joy if you want to chime in with Just Enough Info for the start of school.  

5 thoughts on “Just Enough Info….or Three Short Questions I Have Time to Answer

  1. Thanks for linking up. Your girls look pretty pumped to be painting! I’m from the Midwest, so the idea of whale watching sound pretty amazing to me. What a neat opportunity. 🙂

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