{7QT} Fuzzy pjs, little toes and baby bundles. 

I laughed at Kelly’s 7QT for surviving life with small humans, and thought I’d quickly write up seven funny, weird, and cute things about my little darlings.

Here they are in all their cuteness.

1) My oldest loves fuzzy fleece pajamas. She is thrilled it’s finally cold enough to wear them (during the day; she gets too sweaty wearing them at night). Good thing they make these for five year olds.

2) My two year old, on the other hand, abhors clothes of any kind. Not long after breakfast she will wander into the room where I’m nursing the baby and she’ll be naked. Now that’s it’s getting chilly, she wraps herself in a sheet to keep warm. When I asks if she wants to get dressed, the answer is always no.

3) The baby has mastered crawling in less than a week. No half hearted belly flops for this one–she has a great form already and can go get that peice of paper to chew on the other side of the room.

4) Speaking of crawling, the baby is teaching me more humility by showing how dirty the floor is. She’s like a human mop. I pick her up and she’s covered in crumbs and dust. Maybe those dust suits for babies aren’t a bad idea.

Note: this is an Amazon picture. my baby is much cuter.

5) Why do kids like chewing on their toes? Is this a universal phenomenon? Those wiggly things at the end of their feet seem to just say “eat me”! And then they nibble on their siblings too! It’s like the way cats sniff each others butts. I’m so glad these are things adult humans are not compelled  to do.

6) Here’s an important mom lesson: only bring home library books you would also want to keep, in case your two year old scribbles all over them and you have to pay $22 to the library.  Yes, that was the price of my honesty in telling them my daughter had done this.  At least I got to keep the book.

7) Every morning, all three girls end up in my bed.  Most mornings, they will snuggle for a little while before insisting on breakfast, giving Mom time to arise from her slumber.  Especially on mornings when I am NOT awakened by a diaper in the face and the announcement, “I didn’t pee in my diap-or!”, I love snuggling with my sweet girls, and seeing their cute faces.

{JEI} Angels…or my special name patrons 

Blessings on the Feast of the Archangels! And let’s not forget our special Guardian Angels, whose memorial is bumped this year by Sunday. You can check out the weekly Zelie Group angel posts at Sweeping Up Joy.  There is also a hilarious post about St. Michael, patron of fabulous leggings here. (Seriously, go read it then pull out your craziest leggings!) 

I have always had a special devotion to Angels because of my name. So without further eloquence, a few questions on the pure-spirit beings with whom we will praise God for all eternity.

1. Naming your Guardian Angel: yea or nay?

Nay. Check out Alicia’s post for the catechism explanation. Basically, it’s not recommended by Church tradition. Particularly because naming implies authority over someone, and we have no authority over our angels. 

2. Have you had any angel experiences? 

Yes.  When I was a kid, we prayed outside the abortion facility on Saturdays. Once, a man was cursing and heckling the priest who regularly prayed there. Then, this other man and a boy walked up. They were dressed like “bikers” and looked a bit rough. We thought they had come to heckle too. Instead, they quietly spoke to the offensive man, who appeared terrified of them, and immediately left. Then, these two people walked off and wee quickly gone too. No one had ever seen them before or since, and people had prayed at this spot for many years. The priest declared they were angels, and so I’ve always considered it my angel encounter. 
3. How have you shared about angels with your kids?

We say the Angel of God prayer every night, and talked about them at the beginning of the year with the letter A. 

And recently, when my daughter said she wanted to be an angel, I needed to explain that that is ontologically impossible, as humans cannot change their natures. 

JEI: Mom Self-Care…or Wait, I’m suppose to take care of myself?

1. What is your mom beverage of choice?

I love cocktails. Rum and coke, Irish cream or coffee liquor and Scarlett O’Hares (Southern Comfort and cranberry juice) are my favorites. 

But for everyday, I’ve become a coffe drinker from necessity, although I love tea in winter. And I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. 

I use mason jars outside because they are safer!

2. What do you do to relax?

Ummm.  Honestly, it doesn’t happen often. But I like to read, I’ve been coloring more, (LOVE the free coloring pages from Nancy at Do Small Things with Love!), baking (relaxing for me but bad for my waistline), and scrolling Instagram (I find it much better than Facebook, because my feed is filled with babies and beautiful pictures, instead of political memes.)  
3. When was the last time you got away with girlfriends or alone (and the grocery store does NOT count)?

Last Thursday! Drinks and dessert with a girlfriend. My baby is six months now, so I can get out by myself again. 

JEI: Chores…or Things that don’t really get done around here. 

1. What chore should you be doing now instead of answering this question?

I’m currently nursing the baby, so technically I shouldn’t be doing a chore anyway. But once I lay her down, I should be doing laundry and dishes. 

Who needs to do chores when there’s cute babies to play with?!

2. Do your kids have chores? If yes, what’s your chore system?

Nothing regular enough for a system, although I’d like to create a chore chart this fall. Right now, they pick up toys under my supervision, they love to “sweep” zand my almost five years old pits her dirty dishes in the sink. 

My Cinderella

3. If someone gifted you a housekeeping service, would you use it?

Absolutely!  I might save it for pregnancy, but I would LOVE a housekeeping service, especially for the bathrooms and dusting. 

Just Enough Info…or We’re Holy-Rollin’ Here

Linking up again with Sweeping Up Joy, for a quick post squeezed in during a magical moment when ALL of the girls are sleeping!

1.What are your favorite devotions?

I have been so blessed by Marian consecration according to St. Louis de Montfort, especially the new and updated version in “33 Days to Morning Glory.”


Enter a caption

I also love the Rosary, have because a faithful prayer of Morning and Evening Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) and do the monthly novenas with Pray More Novenas.  

2.Have any of your prayers been answered? Do you have any prayers that you are glad weren’t answered the way you’d hoped?

After reading Alicia’s post, I too realized how quickly I forget answered prayers. Healthy deliveries of three out of our four daughters, slow but noticeable improvements in relationships, homes, jobs. 

Novenas to St. Joseph have been powerful for us. One year, we prayed for the NFP class we were teaching and 10 couples signed up. This spring, an unexpected, possible answer to prayers for my husband’s job came during a St. Joseph novena. 

Another prayer that was noticeably answered was when I asked God for friends, and after two years in our town, I finally made some great Catholic friends. 

The most memorable prayer I’m glad wasn’t answered the way I hoped was praying for all the dating relationships that didn’t work out, before I met my wonderful husband. 

3. How do you pray with your kids?

Mass. I’ve been happily amazed how much they pick up from going to church a couple times a week. Also prayers before meals and before bed. We’re doing prayers during school time now too. One day, I like to say family Rosary!

Just Enough Info….or Three Short Questions I Have Time to Answer

It’s been months since I posted, mostly because I’ve been working long hours all summer and when I wasn’t working I was trying to spend time outside with my family. Tonight, one of my favorite bloggers (I love you,Mary Big Hair!) posted a link up that sounded fun, so here goes!

This bundle of cuteness may also be keeping me busy!

1~ What is your best school memory from your childhood?

I was homeschooled, and my Dad would organize these trips for our homeschool group, to NYC, Boston and Mystic SeaPort. They were so awesome because my friends would come too! (Hey, homeschooling! Any family trip can count as “school” but going with friends in a big coach is super special!) Anyway, my favorite trip was probably whale watching out of Boston Harbour. There was a hurricane, but they didn’t cancel and we still saw whales! AND got really cold and wet. Good times. 

2~ Do you have any back to school family traditions?

Actually, starting school on September 8, the birthday of Our Lady has been a tradition for me. Since we did that growing up I’m keeping it up now that my oldest has started school. Also, we go to Mass that day. 

Last year. Haven’t started yet this year!

3~ Markers or Colored pencils?

Personally, I prefer colored pencils. My kids like markers. So sometimes I let them have the markers because they won’t color with crayons. Except at the library. I was amazed how well they colored with crayons at the library today. Anyway, the point is to keep them busy for, you know, a few minutes. As long as it’s not finger paint. So. Not. Worth it. 

Grace’s face says it all.

So that’s it! Check out the link up at Sweeping Up Joy if you want to chime in with Just Enough Info for the start of school.