My Sunday Best {Vol. 1} and Mother’s Day {Vol. 2}

img_6716-1Owing to an internet problem last weekend, I wasn’t able to get online on Sunday, and then the weekend got away from me.

So welcome to my first link-up with the lovely Rosie at A blog for my mom, for My Sunday Best!  It’s also time for my annual Mother’s Day post!  AND a new name for the blog, but more about that another day.

First, here’s what I wore last Sunday, when I got all dressed up for Mother’s Day.  This is an old dress, but I felt very fancy in a lovely new necklace from my mother-in-law and a new rosary bracelet; more on that later. 🙂

Mother’s Day weekend this year began with an exciting, last minute opportunity to attend the St. John Paul the Great Catholic High School Derby Gala.  We attended two years ago, and it’s just such a fun and special date night (and a huge thank you to whoever the generous donor was who provided half a dozen teacher tickets!)  I particularly wanted to attend this year because of the Derby theme (coinciding with the Kentucky Derby the same night).  The dress was “Derby casual,” so here we are with our “Southern” on!  Since it was last minute notice that we could attend, I didn’t have a chance to get a nice pastel shirt for Bobby, and do a super-fancy hat, but I think we look quite elegant.


This sweet lady was a volunteer for the evening, and she offered to hold Cecilia so we could nibble finger sandwiches, sip wine, and browse the silent auction as though we had money to bid.  I especially enjoyed the many gorgeous hats of the evening.  This display of millinery was created by a lady at the school and available to buy.  I could also tell that many ladies there, like myself, had decorated their own beach hats with festive ribbons and flowers.  And a few lucky ladies obviously had purchased genuine creations of professional millinery, intended especially for traditional Southern and horse-racing type events.  I grew up near the Saratoga Racetrack in New York, and remember a particularly fun store that carried traditional, extravagant hats.img_6655-1Cecilia was the belle of the gala, receiving constant coos and attention, especially since most of the attendees were parents of teenagers.  The school is run by the Congregation of St. Cecilia Nashville Dominicans, who are thrilled with our newest daughter and her name.


Despite the late night, we were up for Mass the next morning, enjoying a blue sky and sunshine, much welcome after a week of rain.  My hubby took us out for a delicious Mother’s Day brunch down in a little town off I-81, nestled in the valley between the Virginia mountains and the West Virginia mountains.  He sometimes works down here, and brought us to feed the ducks.  Lots of laughter and fun throwing bread pieces to a large flock of ducks and geese along a little stream.  There were many handsome mallards, and two different families of ducklings.  Gracie kept saying it was “like the book” (Make Way for Ducklings, a favorite).



So pleased to capture a sweet picture with both my big girls smiling!

img_6704-1But, the didn’t want to do the same thing for the picture with Daddy.  After duck time, we had to make a stop at the store, and my Mother’s Day flowers were purchased and got planted a few days later, along with vegetables, which hopefully won’t be killed by a frost tonight!  Finally, I just wanted to share my beautiful gifts.  An elegant Rosary bracelet I choice from Organic Mamas Shop, and a Vatican Cookbook, which was a surprise from hubby.  He is particularly eager for me  to try it out.  So blessed by the love and generosity of my husband today, and grateful beyond words for the Lord’s gifts of my beautiful daughters.


13 thoughts on “My Sunday Best {Vol. 1} and Mother’s Day {Vol. 2}

  1. Congratulations on your precious newest one! My girls LOVE “Make Way for Ducklings” as well. And my mom has that cookbook! It looks very interesting.

  2. That gala looks like it was wonderful! And what a fun Mother’s Day! I’m *also* hoping this darned frost didn’t do anything to our plants… I meant to cover the tomatoes last night, but forgot 😦 I’m scared to check and see all those months of work on seed starting & planting wasted!!!

  3. Hi! Visiting here from Rosie’s linkup… I’m a St. John Paul the Great parent. I was at the Derby Gala also. (My husband happens to be Pres. of the Family Assn at the school, so I was there the night before, the morning of, etc.!)
    I didn’t meet you that evening, but I do recall seeing your baby 🙂 Glad you had a good time.

  4. Oh, I LOVE your red dress!! And the Vatican cookbook looks pretty neat–I may have to get it for my husband for Father’s Day (he’s the cook in the family!).

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