Introducing Cecilia Anne in 7QT

I have been planning this for three weeks, and some of the pictures I chose then are already so different from the way she looks now!  But finally, I’ve gotten on here to introduce the newest lady of house: Cecilia Anne!

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1) Cecilia was born on March 4 and weighed 7lb. 7oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long, bigger than both Grace and Cecilia. 

2) Grace and Theresa dote on their little sister, and love holding her.  Now that Cecilia has gotten bigger, I’m not so nervous about them holding her!

3) Cecilia has been a very sweet baby so far.  She was more interested in napping the first week, but now she likes sleeping AND eating!  She still naps very well during the day and {currently} is only waking up twice a night.

 4) Cecilia definitely looks like Gracie and Daddy, but those chub cheeks and double chin are like Mom as a baby. 

5) Cecilia’s big blue eyes are already focusing and following objects, and she is holding her head up so well!

6) It is so wonderful to see my three girls together, and I’m seeing more and more how siblings are the best gift we give are children. 

7) Cecilia was baptized on April 23, praise God! Her godparents are a priest and a former Carmelite novice.