Growing Girls: Part 1

{For my post this week, I thought I would share what the girls have been doing this fall, and how they’ve been growing.  Since Saturday is Gracie’s birthday, I’m starting with Theresa first.}

 Theresa Rose is my cutie patootie girl.  Every day I am amazed at just how cute and sweet she can be!  She has such a big, big grinning smile, and lately, has started doing an opened-mouthed “ahh” for her yes.  Not really any words yet, still just babbling.  But she knows a couple of baby signs, and can do food/eat, milk, more and nods yes and no.  We’re working on more signs!  Something not so cute has been “the scream” lately to get what she wants, or when she’s mad.  She also has taken to pointing at what she wants, and also dragging me around the house when she wants something.

 Theresa has also begun to imitate us in church.  She loves “crossing herself” (currently only does the Son) with Holy Water, sometimes puts her hands together for prayer, and genuflects.  She points to Jesus in the Tabernacle, and blows kisses, as well as kissing holy pictures.  So sweet.  And she loves playing with Rosaries 🙂

 She also loves the outside.  Frequently, she has been pulling me up and pointing to the door, wanting me to take her outside.  She loves checking for eggs and watching the chickens, playing on her little slide, going in her swing, and playing with the bikes and toy cars in the driveway.

 While she doesn’t really sit and listen to books yet, she sometimes will sit and look at them on her own.  I love when she piles the pillows on the couch, then plops down on them and looks at a book.  She also likes to tuck herself into bed and under blankets.

 Theresa has mastered getting on the rocking horse and loves rocking on her own.  She is very independent, a little daredevil and climber, who loves jumping off the couch arms onto the couch, and free-falling on the bed.

  Wherever we go, Theresa has lots of fun.  She likes the children’s garden at the library, swings at the park, and standing in shopping carts during trips to the store.  She is so wide-eyed and seems much older than 16 month!

Theresa can be very affectionate, and gives hugs and kisses. She is always excited when Daddy comes home, and hugs his legs until he picks her up. She seems more independent and “grown up” than Grace was at this age, and understands so much of what we say. She already loves to help, and will get the dustpan and help sweep up, and also help pick up toys and put laundry in the machine.

Lots of funny faces are usual with Theresa.  She is becoming very mischievous.  Tonight, she finally climbed out of her crib, which means time for a big girl bed!  She chases the cat, loves checking for chicken eggs, and basically wants to do anything Grace does!
Theresa loves “playing” on the piano.  She is always climbing up and banging on the keys.  She likes music and her and Gracie like to dance together.  I consider myself so blessed to be the mother of this lovely, active, and affectionate little girl.


7QT: Cookbook Club

{Note: Totally inspired, or at least motivated, by these two posts today: and  As a newbie blogger, I’ve been a bit intimidated about writing. I created the blog as a place to hold some thoughts, memories and pictures.  But I’ve often felt like I “had” to be witty, profound or at least positive to write a post.  But that’s not the way I’ve been feeling for awhile.  Life has been hard, challenging.  I’ve been constantly sick (apart from being pregnant, and a new experience because I’m usually so healthy).  My husband started a second job and has been working more than ever.  And the list goes on….

Soooo, I’m going to try and be a but more real, a bit more frivolous, and just try to post even a very short thing every week.  After all, its my blog, so I can complain on it, right?  And despite the challenges, my girls are fun, silly and adorable, and I could just write about the latest antics with them!  So here goes, with a post about Cookbook Club! }

Seven Quick Takes

  1. Last night was the first meeting of Cookbook Club, started by a friend who got the idea from this article: Basically, the group picks a cookbook for the month, then everyone makes one recipe.  So you get a fancy, gourmet dinner party and only have to make one fancy dish.
  2. For this first month, we did Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  I was very excited about this, as I’ve always been intimidated by French cooking.  Many of the ladies, including myself, wore pearls, heels and blouses, in honor of Julia Child.  (An excuse to dress up, what fun!)

  3. I made crepes fourrees et flambees, or crepes with orange-almond butter, flambees.  I’ve made crepes before so didn’t think it would be too hard.  Her recipe was more involved than the ones I’ve used, and it took awhile, not to mention assembling them with the butter and almonds.  But I was most intimidated about setting them on fire!

4. Tada!  It worked!  I had to pour on extra brandy (used too much, in the end), but they eventually caught flame, and it was very impressive!  And they still tasted pretty good.

5. As you can see, other lovely ladies brought a host of delicious foods!  Thirteen ladies came, one brought wine, so there was twelve dishes total.  The food served included French onion soup, filet mignon and potatoes with mushroom sauce, risotto, quiche Lorraine, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and an amazing 21 layer crepe tower with spinach filling.  Desserts included chocolate mousse and apple tart, as well as my crepes.

6.  All of the food was amazing!!!  Really, it was incredible.  Everyone did such a great job, and it was truly a culinary tasting experience.  It was also a lovely and relaxing evening out, and a chance to visit with other ladies.

7. I would recommend a Cookbook Club for anyone looking for a new and awesome way to host dinner parties!  And it just takes one person.  Not everyone there last night had met before, but I think we are all looking forward to joining forces again soon for a unique culinary adventure.