7 Quick Takes: Autumn

  1. Down here in the valley, the leaves are just starting to change color.  But last weekend we drove up to Skyline Drive and the colors were at peak and absolutely gorgeous.  Its still hard for this New York girl to remember how late fall comes to Virginia, even though I’ve lived here for the better part of the last twelve years.  I just appreciate the fact that I still live in a place where the change of seasons still happens dramatically and with each season comes a different vista to view.  Here is the one tree in our yard that has really begun to change color so far.

2. I’ve only bought one mum, and just a few little pumpkins, but I love how my simple autumn displays turned out with them.

3. We went apple picking a few weeks ago, and there’s been lots of pies, crisps, and apple meals.  Oh, and apples and cheese for lunch.  My favorite cheese to have with fall apples is the Trader Joe Creamy Tuscano dusted with Cinnamon.  So good.

But it looks like we’re going to have to go apple picked again, because the first half bushel we picked is almost used up, and I still haven’t made any apple sauce or apple butter!

4. The girls are looking so cute in their fall clothes.  Grace usually dresses herself every day, and I’m amazed at her color and dress sense; her outfits usually match pretty well.  Theresa just looks cute in everything, but I was really trying to capture this very fall outfit I put her in today!


5. Lots of singing and dancing in the house these days.  Grace likes to make up songs about everything, as well as singing ones she’s heard.  She even made up a song about the dead mouse they found outside!  Here, she’s dancing down the street during the Festival of Leaves last weekend.

6.  I finally cleared out all the dead plants from my garden beds, and covered them with grass clippings.  Also, the prediction of 30 degree temperatures this weekend makes it necessary for me to bring in my patio plants.

7.  I’ve enjoyed reading the {31 Days of Writing} undertaken by several of the bloggers I follow.  But my October 31 days resolution was more simple: say at least one decade of the Rosary every day, in honor of the month of the Rosary.  So far, I’ve only missed one day, and we’ve done it as a family a few times too.   I’ve also tried to make time for daily Mass once or twice a week, which I think has been a great blessing.  And today, Theresa genuflected for the first time at church 🙂

And a number 8 bonus.  Every day has been warm, sunny and beautiful. And I prioritize getting outside because I think it will be the last “nice” day, but all week had been gorgeous. Such lovely weather and the girls love it too.