Mother’s Day Moments

photo(11)Before Mother’s Day this year, I was trying to remember what we’ve done the last few years on Mother’s Day.  Neither Bobby or I could remember…  So, I’m capturing the moments this year, to look back on, because it was a lovely day.   The weather was warm and sunny, and the fields, mountains and yard are lush and green, with columbine and dogwoods blooming.  My mom had been staying with us for two weeks, while recovering from foot surgery, and my dad was here this weekend, to bring her home on Monday.  We all attended Mass at Christendom, and then came home to a yummy Mexican brunch, courtesy of my dad.  It was even a quiet, adults only meal, as both the girls napped well this afternoon.  I tried to nap too, but just rested a little while, then went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

My mom and I relaxed by the “pool” (baby pool) with drinks and our books, while the girls played in the pphoto(14)ool, grass and play set.  Theresa loves splashing in the water, and also climbing up the slide and then sliding down backwards.  Gracie ran all around the yard, kicking the ball with Boppa, and playing with our baby chicks.  We had talked about going somewhere for a picnic this afternoon, but in the end just picnicked in our backyard.  After all, the view from the backyard is better than most places we could go.  Bobby made dinner; pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw and potato salad from the store.

Later, after the girls went to bed, we prayed a Rosary and chatted with Mom and Dad.  It was a cozy, blessed day.  Time with those I love; my own mother, and the girls who make me a mom.  My dad and husband worked hard to make it a relaxing, special day.  Thank you, Lord.

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